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In the next few weeks, for our time together, we are going to be working through the Five Questions from Andy Stanley’s book, Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets and studying each question by looking at women in the Bible all while looking at who God is, how He sees us and how we see ourselves.

My prayer for you is that through our time together, you will connect with some new friends, apply these five questions to your life and learn to live with a deeper sense of who you are to God–His Beloved Daughter.

 -Cindy Grasso

WEEK 1 • Reflections & 5 Q’s

A journey through identity, setting the foundation to answer the questions we will be asking ourselves for the next few weeks.

WEEK 2 • Am I being honest with myself... really?

Pastor Cindy answers the first question of the book Better Decisions, Fewer Regrets; through one of the most iconic encounters of the Bible.

WEEK 3 • What Story Do I Want To Tell?

A faith driven story, where a woman goes from being cast out to Jesus restoring her identity.

WEEK 4 • Is There a Tension That Deserves My Attention?

How does worrying about what others may think impact your relationship with Jesus?

Let’s see through the lenses of Mary what matters most.

WEEK 5 • What is the Wise Thing To Do?

In light of your future hopes and dreams, what is God challenging you to do about it?

WEEK 6 • What does love require of me?

An inspiring story of faithfulness and love, answering the questions to lead us to step up if faith and do what love requires.

WEEK 7 • What do you see?

On your faith journey with Jesus how has He changed how you see yourself?

WEEK 8 • Reflection for Connection

What does worship mean to you?

Exploring different ways to connect with God and pour our hearts out through worship.

WEEK 9 • Overcoming Shattered Sight

Restoring the way we see ourselves through God lenses and each other’s.

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For additional resources to support your journey of learning to live loved everyday, here is a list of books Pastor Cindy recommends: