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Selfless Love


by Rosa Z

I am really good at highlighting the things I don’t do well, but God is really good at bringing out my best.

God’s love is so unconditional that no matter how many mistakes I make, He does not condemn me, He loves me.

This is what becoming Beloved means for me: accepting God’s salvation and love every day of my life because it is not based on my mistakes but based on His goodness and mercy.

And God has given me all of Him just to help me get closer to Him.

I get so caught up in my needs and wants that most of the time it is easy to get more focused on what I want from Him rather than simply focusing on being close to Him.

Lately, I have been asking myself this question, “Instead of God giving everything up to bring me closer to Him, what if I was the one willing to give it all up just for a glimpse of His presence? What if instead of constantly seeking His hand, I fearlessly go after His heart?”

When I say I love God, what does that mean?

For me, it means:

  • Trust (Proverbs 3:5) trust can be difficult when my reasoning gets in the way.
  • Pursue (Matthew 6:33) I have to be intentional about seeking God’s kingdom. Believe it or not, most of the time it does not come naturally because I live in a broken world and we are broken by sin.
  • Believe (Numbers 23:19) This will helps me understand that I can trust God, His promises or purposes.

These things might look like simple steps, but realistically I know they are not because something has to be done for it to work and it’s called “action”.

Love is a choice, not an emotion, not a feeling.

If I say I love God I am acknowledging that I choose Him over my circumstances, over my successes or failures, over my choices, over people, over my plans, dreams or desires, because in the end, none of these things matter without Him.

I want to love Jesus with selfless love, not expecting Him to do things for me but instead delighting myself in His presence.  I’m not saying I won’t get distracted in the process, I am sure I will.  But His loves brings me back.  The most amazing part? Not expecting Him to do things for me opens my eyes to be able to see the abundant blessings He pours into my life every day.

It makes every day a miracle.

I am inviting you to join me.

You are Beloved. 

Rosa is a young woman whose heart has been captivated by the love of Jesus. She has boldly stepped out in faith over and over again as Jesus has called her to follow Him. She is single by choice and will not settle for less than what God has for her in any area of her life.  She is strong, honest, and vulnerable. You will be blessed by her heart as she shares this word with you today.

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