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Quit Trying to Use the Toaster to Make Popcorn



Ginger Goss is an amazing woman whose life shines as a testimony of her relationship with Jesus.  She has many gifts and serves the Lord with trust and humility. One of her gifts is that she can write.  She is a new friend and I am honored to get to share her words with you. I know you will be blessed by her today! – Cindy Grasso

Quit trying to use the toaster to make popcorn! 

By Ginger Goss

The toaster wasn’t designed to make popcorn, and the popcorn maker wasn’t designed to make toast. It seems an easy concept to grasp, right? Yet… how often do we make that mistake in our own lives? For most of us, it’s on a daily basis. Yep. Daily. Sometimes, for me, if I was honest, even hourly…

What do I mean by that? Simply put, how often do we try to be something that we were not created to be? Jealous of someone who’s “making popcorn” with her life while complaining about “making toast” on our own. All too often we find ourselves looking to those around us to define who we are or what we should be doing. But defining ourselves by someone else who isn’t Jesus, always leaves us feeling empty, jealous, depressed, useless, fearful. We are robbed of who God created each of us to be and it kills the God-given dreams He placed in our hearts. Jesus warned us, “The thief comes to steal, to kill, and to destroy. BUT I have come that you may have LIFE to the FULLEST” (John 10:10). If we want life to the fullest, God’s way, we have to stop measuring ourselves to each other. Trying to be like anyone else will rob us of our sanity. It blinds us to the amazing gifts God designed within us and to the incredible life Jesus offers us. We all have important roles to play for this specific moment in time. We weren’t born by chance or accident. We were made with a plan in mind for each one of us. We are here, right now, in our countries, in our states, in our towns, in our neighborhoods, in our families, at these very moments by Divine Design. God created all of us for a very specific purpose… and I can guarantee you, it wasn’t so we could try to all look, act, and be the same.

God has such an amazing plan tailored specifically for me and for you and for each one of us. We don’t all have the same purpose, the same gifts, the same talents… and that’s OK! It’s how it’s supposed to be! Popcorn and toast both have an important role to play in our lives. If we didn’t have either one, we’d miss out. But popcorn doesn’t go with eggs and toast doesn’t go with a movie!  Paul told Timothy, “Don’t neglect the gift that is in you!” (1 Timothy 4:14). When we try to make our lives match someone else’s, we’re ignoring the God placed gifts within us.

Take a moment right now and ask God the following three questions:

  1. Who did YOU create ME to be? 
  2. What GIFTS did YOU give ME?
  3. What is YOUR plan for MY life? 

And then step into that role, embrace the gifts within you… be the best at what YOU, and only you, were created to be!

Galatians 1:15 “Even before I was born, God chose me and called me…”

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