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If a picture is worth a thousand words, what can we learn about forgiveness as we look at the life Jesus?

For the next few weeks, we are going to put a frame around the life of Jesus as he walks, talks and lives forgiveness in the gospel accounts. This Bible Study is designed to equip you with Biblical, practical and relatable application, enabling you to face the different challenges that prevent you from breaking free of the chains of bitterness and regret.

We will discuss the different portraits, modeled by Jesus, illustrating how forgiveness, grace, and kindness impact relationships and the world around us. Forgiveness is a vital part of a beloved life and a life changing practice that you and I are made to live in.

My prayer is that God will use our time together to shine a light on the areas of your heart that are holding you back from fully embracing yourself as a beloved daughter of God. You are created to live loved and draw from the glorious abundance of God’s love for you and those you interact with every single day.

-Cindy Grasso

WEEK 1 • A Portrait of A Burdened Life

Your new way of life in Christ begins with forgiveness.

WEEK 2 • A Portrait of Relationship

Daily time with your father, who loves you and is already proud of you. Nothing to prove, nothing to fear, nothing to lose.

WEEK 3 • A Portrait of Freedom

How to live the kingdom life.

Breaking free from condemnation and judgement, to live the life God has intended for us.

WEEK 4 • A Portrait of Hope

Capacity for much love–forgiveness is just a religious word for letting go. Letting go is not denial, you have to acknowledge it, have something (hold it) before you can let it go.

WEEK 5 • A Portrait of An Unchanged Heart

Living out of love and freedom instead of living out of fear and control.

The undeserving, never ending, Mercy of God.

WEEK 6 • A Portrait of Restoration

Lived loved and learning to be powerful in fighting for connection rather than distanced.

WEEK 7 • A Portrait of Friendship and Faith

Navigating the journey of live alongside friends, to be encouraged and receiving God’s love and forgiveness daily.

WEEK 8 • A Portrait of the Beloved Life

When forgiveness is a part of your life, you know how to love and live loved.

When you don’t fake it till you make it and own the your brokenness in the relationship, you will be forgiven and grow even closer to God and others.

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For additional resources to support your journey of learning to live loved everyday, here is a list of books Pastor Cindy recommends: