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It’s a Wonderful Life

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Ginger Goss is an amazing woman whose life shines as a testimony of her relationship with Jesus.  She has many gifts and serves the Lord with trust and humility. One of her gifts is that she can write.  She is a new friend and I am honored to get to share her words with you. I know you will be blessed by her today! – Cindy Grasso

It’s a Wonderful Life by Ginger Goss

I love this time of year! Christmas scented candles, decorating the tree, cookie exchanges, shopping for loved ones that all culminate in a celebration of our Savior’s birth! One of my favorite traditions is watching “It’s a Wonderful Life” as I wrap presents. I’ve been doing it since before my son was born and I could probably quote the movie in my sleep. I absolutely love it!

I was thinking about the scene where George had hit the rock bottom and thinks his only option is suicide. And as he is standing on the edge of the bridge, you hear the voices of the people in his life who love him praying for him…his wife, family, and friends. They are praying  “dear God please help George” or “dear God please help daddy”. It is a chorus of intercession for one man. God heard their prayers and He sent Clarence, George’s guardian angel down to help. 

It got me to thinking about the difference that prayer makes. When God’s Beloved daughters pray, He hears.

What if like those voices that went up all over town for George, we prayed together today? What if this morning, this afternoon, this evening, whenever you’re reading this, we pray for God’s love and hope to move in our nation?  What if we take a moment in a chorus of unison to pray today for our nation, our President, our Congress, our state and local officials? Sisters, we don’t have to agree on the political aspects, we just need to pray that God would help us individually and as a nation.  We can join together to ask Him to heal our country, give wisdom to our leaders, and let us be His light in a dark world.

Will you pause with me and join me to send up a chorus of prayer together?

“Father God, 

In unity as Your beloved daughters, we come to You and ask that You would heal our nation.  Forgive us and our nation for not following after Your heart. Give wisdom not only to our President, Congress, state and local leaders, but to our pastors, church leaders, and all of Your children. May we act with the wisdom that comes from You alone.  Father, heal our land and let us shine Your love in a dark world that desperately needs You and Your love today. 

In the Name of Jesus Who reigns above all, amen.”

“If My people who are called by My Name will humble themselves AND pray AND seek My face AND turn from their wicked ways, I WILL HEAR from heaven AND will forgive their sins AND restore their land. My eyes will be opened and My ears attentive to EVERY prayer made in this place.”

2 Chronicles 7:14-15 NLT


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  1. I heard Pastor Mac Dwyer’s sermon on Prayer & then read Ginger Goss’s prayer. My heart is deeply touched by What IF. As my relationship grows deeper & stronger & as I choose obedience & humble myself, seek His face, turn from wicked ways MY GOD hears & forgives & restores. His eyes are open & ear attentive to EVERY prayer. My praying makes a sidderwnxe

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