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Healing After Hurt



by Jenn Rouse

We have all experienced a time when something fell and shattered to pieces everywhere. Am I right? We make extra effort to make sure all the broken pieces are picked up and to make sure that nothing is left to be stepped on later on.

One day my son accidentally dropped a jar of jam. It shattered everywhere. I rushed to make sure everyone was ok. Then I immediately cleaned up all the pieces, making sure the floor had nothing left on it. As I was doing that Jesus spoke to me and said “When you are shattered by someone or something that has happened, I want to come and help you pick up those pieces.  IF YOU LET ME, I WILL.  When you’ve tried to pick up all the shattered pieces of hurt yourself, there have been some left behind. And you have unintentionally hurt others without even realizing it. Come to Me and let Me do the work of getting each and every shattered piece of your heart and remake it.”

When we let Jesus pick up our broken pieces to mend, we can be healed.

In the book “Hurt People Hurt People” Dr. Sandra Wilson explains how to break the vicious cycle of hurting others by letting God in and healing us.

Today I want you to challenge you to forgive those who’ve hurt you and let Jesus heal your heart from those hurts.  It takes time and trust but it is worth it. I want you to remember that hurt people, hurt people.  Let God heal you as well as give you a new lens to those who have hurt them. See them as hurting and give them the hope for their healing through Jesus by forgiving them.

Jenn Rouse has a strong and generous heart of gold. She shares her time, talent and treasure with God, her husband, and 4 children. She spends her time serving the youth at our church and co-leads a moms Small Group. We are grateful for her friendship and today, I know you will be encouraged by her post. 

 – Cindy Grasso

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