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Destiny Walkers

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Destiny walkers are not who you think they are. They are not the popular ones nor the pretty ones. They are painfully ordinary and often looked over.

They are not stars with lots of potential or cream of the crop that rose to the top. They are the ones who are desperate for change.

They are the ones who are determined to live a life different than the one society deems for them.

They are willing to take risks because staying in the same place and doing the same thing is no longer a viable option for their lives.

Being a Destiny Walker is not just for the “chosen” few but for those who have chosen to go after it…

You are called to be a Destiny Walker. …Yes beloved, you.

You may not feel like you have enough, are enough or will ever be able to do enough to garner the honor of the title Destiny Walker -welcome to the club. I feel the same way.

When I decided to set out on this journey, it was the story of the very first Destiny Walkers, Abraham, and Sarah that gave me the courage to go after it.

Here are four things I gleaned from them that  has helped me move from being a destiny dreamer to destiny walker:

#1 Break Out of Your Comfort Zone

“Abraham said yes to God’s call to travel to an unknown place that would become his home.” Hebrews 11: 8 MSG

God has a destiny for you. He has a rich inheritance waiting to be claimed.  An inheritance of unhindered relationship with Him. One where you are free to trust, risk, follow and be used by God to bless others in ways you can’t even imagine.

However, you can not fully take hold of it until you break out of your comfort zone: life as you know it, habits that hold you, mindsets that have molded you.

To get where God has called you, you have to leave your comfort zones.


# 2 Move Beyond Fear

“By an act of faith, he lived in the country promised him,”  Hebrews 11: 8 MSG


Fear will hold you captive in your comfort zone.

When you step out of your comfort zone, you are choosing a new path.

Choose to trust God with every step of the way: the detours, the disasters, and the destiny.

You may not know where your journey will end up but you can be sure that the God who calls us to step out in faith does.

It is your daily relationship with Jesus that will keep you moving forward. Hold on, he is holding on to you.

# 3 Embrace Your Unique Calling

“By an act of faith, he lived in the country promised him, lived as a stranger camping in tents. ”  Hebrews 11: 9 MSG

God broke the mold when He created you.

There is no one else on earth exactly like you and God is calling you to do something as unique as you are. Others may have similar gifts and callings but you have a place that only you can fill.

To truly begin to walk in your destiny, you are going to have to accept that you are never going to fit in.

God didn’t call Abraham to go to the new country and blend in, he called Abraham to live like a stranger in a strange land.

He is calling you to do the same. Go ahead and be weird. Embrace it.

#4. Leave the Past Behind.

“Abraham did it by keeping his eye on an unseen city with real, eternal foundations—the City designed and built by God.”  Hebrews 11: 10 MSG

When God called Abraham to leave his country, He was calling Abraham to stop looking at what was behind him and look ahead to what was in front of him.

When God asked Abraham to leave his past behind, He changed his name,  He gave him a new identity.

God is calling you to stop looking back at all the reasons why you can’t be who God has called you to be and keep your eyes on the reason why you can: Jesus.

When God calls you to be His own, He gives you more than a fresh start, He gives you a new identity in Christ.

Any and all reasons why you “can’t” were carried to the cross with Jesus. He took them, embraced them and destroyed them there. Mind you, this isn’t about being in denial about your issues, this is about being clear about your identity: you are a beloved daughter of God. 

You are not chosen because of what you look like, come from or what you have done. You are chosen by God to love. Let Him love you and go after your destiny.


Friends, I can’t wait to see you this Saturday Night at Ladies Night Out at Cape Christian! It is going to be a glorious night of celebrating who God is and who He has created us to be!

See you there!

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