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A transformative 7-week Bible Study on the renowned book: “The Deeply Formed Life”authored by Rich Villodas. Dive deeper into the pages of this exceptional work, navigate with  us how to personally apply each principle and access additional resources.

WEEK 1 • Roots Before Fruits

We all want to live in the promises of God, but we have to trust God with the process to get us to the place to live the fulfilled promise of God through Jesus.

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Where is Your Fruit? Video by Joyce Meyer

The Spirit and the Fruit podcast by Bible Project

Living Beyond Yourself: Exploring the Fruit of the Spirit book by Beth Moore

WEEK 2 • Contemplative Rhythms

We all have a space that God is made to fill. God created you with it, God made a way to fill it, God fills it. 

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Real Rest blog by Cindy Grasso

The Lectio Course by Pete Greig
RightNow Media 

Simply Christian: Why Christianity Makes Sense by N.T, Wright

Emotionally Healthy Relationships Day by Day

Week 4 of Discovering your unique connection to God

The Way of the Heart by Henry Nouwen

WEEK 3 • The Fruits of Reconciliation

You have to receive reconciliation with God before you can have reconciliation with others. When you receive His his love and grace, live in His love, live in your identity as Beloved daughter, you are moved by to extend this amazing new life to your new brothers and sisters.

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Jew and Gentile in the Gospels Video-Drive Thru History by Dave Stotts

Jew and Gentile Brought Together-Study Guide by Henry VanderKam

Up from Slavery by Booker T Washington

WEEK 4 • The Roots of Inner Reflection

Interior examination is a way of life that considers the realities of our inner worlds for the sake of our own flourishing and the call to love well.

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Book of Psalms Summary
video by the Bible Project 

Building a Lasting Family video by Jimmy Evans

Keep Your Love On book by Danny Silk

WEEK 5 • Sexual Wholeness

We are all sexually broken in some way shape or form. Intimacy with Jesus releases shame and rekindles joy. Fixing your eyes on Jesus becomes the root to our sexual wholeness.

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WEEK 6 • Roots of Engagement

Have you been winning at the wrong game? Are your motives aligned with your opportunities? Out of your being, you are Jesus with skin on for others.

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WEEK 7 • a journey through greece

Join Pastor Cindy as she takes us through her 10-day tour through Greece following the footsteps of the Apostle Paul. During this tour, Pastor Cindy takes us through Thessaloniki, Kavalla, Philippi,  Lydia, Athens, Corinth, Acropolis and more.

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For additional resources to support your journey of learning to live loved everyday, here is a list of books Pastor Cindy recommends: