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Better When You Rest

You were created to have daily periods of rest. We call it “sleep” and if you are a mom of a newborn or going through menopause you don’t remember what that is.
My boys are 16 & 18 now but I remember the interrupted rest of the newborn stage and am in perimenopause so sleep is sometimes elusive. Even if you are not in either one of those stages, guess what? You have stress and that can cause sleeplessness! Oh the joy.
Research tells us that sleep is an important part of physical health.  While you sleep, your brain works things out and your body does reparative work.
Rest is vital to your physical health, it is also vital to your spiritual health as well.
After creating the world for six days, God said it was good and then rested on the seventh day.
“And on the seventh day God finished his work that he had done, and he rested on the seventh day from all his work that he had done.” – Genesis 2:2
God didn’t rest because He was tired.  He rested because He was showing us His rhythm for optimal spiritual health:
  • create
  • celebrate
  • cease
You are created in the image of God and are an image bearer.
You are made to create. Our modern world has been created by those who create new things. Those who do not know God but made in His image nonetheless.
You were made to create.
Because of Jesus you are reconnected to God’s original plan for you and are now recreated to create on a new level with Him.
In Christ, you are made to create something with God every day.
You were created to celebrate with God what you just did with Him.  To look at what you did and say it was good. The Hebrew word for good is “ towh” which is pronounced “tove”. It means “ good, pleasant, agreeable. appropriate, excellent, valuable, rich, right.”
You were created to cease, to stop it all and rest. To stop working, striving, cleaning, preparing, worrying. God rested and you have been created in His image.
He creates, you create, I create.
He celebrates, you celebrate, I celebrate.
He rests, you rest, I rest.
-Cindy Grasso

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  1. It gets better after menopause. I am being really sarcastic here. Oh the joys of being a woman. I still get hot flashes and night sweats and I have been done with seven years ago. So grasp the rest when you are able, because you are right, I do much better when I am not tired.

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