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Beloved Ministry Night

FRIDAY, MARCH 22, 2024


Join us for an empowering evening where women from all walks of life gather to embark on a transformative journey of faith and discovery. This special night is dedicated to diving deep into the teachings of The Armor of God from the book of Ephesians. Whether you’re seeking strength, understanding, or community, you’ll find a welcoming space here to grow, reflect, and armor yourself with faith. Don’t miss this opportunity to connect, learn, and empower yourself and others.
Childcare provided free of charge for children 12 y/o and younger. Please use this link below to register.


As our Beloved Ministry Night draws to a close, we invite all ladies who feel moved by their journey, to join us in a profound act of faith through baptism. This is a beautiful opportunity to outwardly express what you’ve already decided in your heart. Whether you’re taking this step for the first time or reaffirming your faith, we would love to support and celebrate with you as you take this meaningful step in your faith journey.