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Nancy Ellis is a wife,  mom of two little ones, a successful businesswoman and leads a Small Group for Moms here at Cape Christian.  Her passion to lead in love in every area of life is contagious as she helps women of all ages to embrace God’s love for them. She is transparent, real and one of the most encouraging women I know.  Her words will challenge you to apply the truth of Jesus’ love in your life and you will be strengthened by her words today. – Cindy Grasso

Do you remember when you were a child and needed your teacher or parents approval to get up, sit down, eat, drink or use the restroom?

Well, I’m here today to tell you that, you are no longer a child. You are a woman of God! Your approval has already been granted.

You are approved to rest.

You are approved to create.

You are approved to celebrate.

As a new mom, this is a hard reminder.

I often think to myself, “It would be selfish of me to nap, or shower and sometimes eat”. “My kids need me more”. “My husband needs me more”. “My career needs me more”.

Speaking from experience, I have poured from an empty cup before and it ain’t pretty! 

After the birth of my second child, I forgot how to rest. I was on edge for every little thing and sleep was a luxury I could not yet afford.
I forgot how to create and explore and play by myself and with my husband. Date night and me-time seemed like things of the past.

I forgot how to celebrate. There are so many small victories as a mother yet we rush from one accomplishment to the next.

Romans 14:18 tells me that “anyone who serves Christ is pleasing to God and receives human approval.”

And then again in Matthew 3:17 “a voice from heaven said, ‘This is my Son, whom I love; and with him, I am well pleased”.

The beauty of God’s love is that we don’t have to earn it. Daughters of God, He is already well pleased with you- before our feet hit the ground (showered or not). When we embraced the thought of “already approved”, we started filling our own cup and are able to fill others more abundantly. We don’t have to put every dish away, put on makeup and have photo ready kids. We just have to seek Him and be available to rest, create and celebrate. He always finds a way to reprioritize the things that matter most. I’m so grateful for a Father that loves me no matter what (40lb postpartum with dark circles).

I realized that not only is God well pleased but so are the people who love me. My husband noticed a new drive in my eyes as I prioritize my spin classes. My children were happy to see mom and dad on date night or coffee club with my friends. What a better example I am leaving for them now that I have prioritized myself and embodied the “already approved” gift the Lord has given me.

What approval will you embrace today? I hope it’s a nap and a shower and whatever brings you joy! Approval Granted. He loves you just the way you are.

by Nancy Ellis

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